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  • Product development

    At Aerosol Service R&D, we are committed to innovation, and our work is based on three basic pillars. We conduct in-depth market research to stay ahead of trends and meet future market needs. We listen to our customers, learning about their expectations and turning them into concrete solutions. We are proud of our collaboration based on their feedback, which inspires us to create products of the highest quality. Together with us, you will experience innovation that crosses borders. Join us in our mission ̶ together we are creating the future.

  • product development
  • Contract Manufacturing

    We are experts in filling a variety of containers that include aluminum, steel, glass and PET plastic, among others. Our passion for precision and excellence makes us deliver the highest quality services. Whatever your needs and specifications, we offer customized solutions for your product. Take your product to the next level with our flexible contract manufacturing service.

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  • Private label

    We create unique products based on our own formulas that meet your unique requirements. Your brand receives products of unparalleled quality and authentic character. Take your brand to the next level with our flexible and professional private label service that builds customer loyalty and ensures success./p>

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  • Packaging Production

    We manufacture high quality aluminum containers. We provide a comprehensive service for the delivery of your products, thanks to our own packaging production and filling lines, as well as an experienced R&D department. With us, your product will be made from A to Z in one place, which has a huge impact on the quality and timing of the services provided.

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Our Innovations

  • Actuo

    Actuo is the first applicator that can be operated with one hand, without having to hold the can. The unprecedented design makes application even simpler and helps keep the product clean while providing better hygiene during use. Actuo fits almost any size of container and can be used for many types of products in mousse, foam or gel form.

  • product development
  • Spray’n’Use

    SPRAY 'N' USE APPLICATOR is a 2-in-1 product. It contains interchangeable mini aerosol sprays and an applicator selected for special needs. It features its pocket-sized design, ease of use and precise application. No direct contact of the product with hands ensures cleanliness and safety. The product is hermetically sealed, so it will not dry out or spill.

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  • Lesso

    Lesso is a dose applicator designed specifically for compressed aerosols and BOV technology. Its main purpose is to teach consumers to use the product consciously. A single application is enough! Using Lesso is very simple. When you press one side of the applicator with your finger, it will rotate. The special design of the applicator will temporarily open the valve and apply the right amount of product.

  • product development
  • Refillme

    Refillme is the first aerosol refill solution on the market. The product comes in the form of an aluminum can and a doypack, allowing the original product to be refilled in a way that promotes a zero waste philosophy. This eco-friendly innovation can be used with many types of products with different purposes.

  • product development